The Building Professionals....

    Department of Building Engineering and Management

  School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

The Building Professionals........................Department of Building Engineering and Management, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

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BEM Homepage (an unofficial site)
BEM Homepage by Shreedhar
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Search BEM Web Site

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BEM Homepage

An unofficial Site, General information about the department and the school. Visit BEM Home Page


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BEM group e-mail  at e-group

You can share news, opinions with group members. Cast your vote for various opinion polls. Share photos, files and data. You also can co-ordinate your program with other members. To join BEM Group submit your details.

Participate in Discussion Group 

Express your views on various subjects..Post articles to the BEM discussion group and also reply to messages, Questions, issues raised by others. Visit Discussion Group


On-line Resources on PM

A compilation of available on-line resources on Project Management

Resources on PM

A compilation of available resources on Project Management

Articles on PM 

A collection of Articles on Project Management. 

Alumni's Directory 

List of contacts, Department of BEM Alumni 


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